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  • Rating: 3.5
Смотреть онлайн Tentacle and Witches

The protagonist of this story of the Tachibana Ichiro ordinary Japanese schoolboy. He lives quietly and peacefully minding his own business and seemingly nothing can disturb his rest. When he discovers that his class teacher Vice President Soka Gakkai witch. What do the poor witch because her secret revealed? How can Ichiro save his life and who is this red-haired beauty standing together with witches? This in the genre of hentai, the tentacles ...

Year: 2011
Source: Vn Game
Genre: Comedy, Mystic, School, Harem, Rape, Witch, Virgin, Tentacles, Big tits, Small tits, Anal sex, Oral sex, Сreampie, Milk, Peeing, Pregnant, X-Ray.
Duration: 4ep. 30min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: 2011
Original name: テンタクル アンド ウィッチーズ
English name: Tentacle and Witches
Director: Kaidou Tsukasa
Studio: Oz Inc, Pixy

23-04-2016, 22:24
Hentai will tell you about problems in life of Savior of the people - the Schoolgirls-the fairies. To maintain order on the planet they have to fight with every unclean. Often, however, the sorceress fall into traps set by monsters and tortured and abused... ...

Year: 2014-2016.
Source: Vn Game
Genre: Mystic, Fantasy, Demons, Students, Teachers, Virgin, Public Sex, Big tits, Group, Oral sex, Tentacles.
Duration: 4ep. 20min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: 2014
Original name: 狙われた女神天使エンゼルティア ~守った人間達に裏切られて~
English name: Nerawareta Megami Tenshi Angeltia: Mamotta Ningen-tachi ni Uragirarete
Director: Many Milk
Studio: PoRO

10-04-2016, 20:31
  • Votes: 9
  • Rating: 4.2
Смотреть онлайн Himekishi Olivia

Like all Princess hentai Olivia becoming hostage to the next invader with delusions of grandeur. Seeking to conquer the world or at least most of it, to some extent, he succeeds and he captures the Princess. Through blackmail, he puts it in front of a difficult choice, surrender or I will destroy your Kingdom. In return he promised not to touch her, at least until she is told to do so. Of course agree and she wasn't going to, until learned that ...

Year: 2013
Genre: Fantasy, Monsters, Virgin, Rape, Oral sex, Tentacles, Сreampie, X-Ray
Duration: 2ep. 30 min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: 2013
Original name: 姫騎士オリヴィア
English name: Himekishi Olivia
Director: Kimura Takeshi
Studio: MS Pictures

3-04-2016, 15:41
  • Votes: 29
  • Rating: 3.1
Смотреть онлайн Beat Blades Haruka

Fantasy hentai video "Blades Haruka" or "beat blades Haruka" is pretty funny, created on the basis of the game and having a lot in common with the insanely well-known animation Sailor moon. It tells about a group of girls having constant fights with terrible monsters, fighting on the side of the dark forces. For those battles, they use their lethal blades but also all your body parts. Due to the fact that this animation is divided into two ...

Year: 2009
Genre: Anal, BDSM, Big Tits, Big tits, Large breasts, Blowjob, Oral sex, Bukkake, Group sex, Guro, Milk, Straight, Tittyfuck, Yuri, Harem, Mystic, Rape, Monsters, Tentacles, Nurse, Doctor
Duration: 3ep. 25 min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: 2009
Original name: 超昂閃忍ハルカ
English name: Choukou Sennin Haruka / Beat Blades Haruka
Director: Sokuza Makoto
Studio: MS Pictures

27-03-2016, 18:52
  • Votes: 25
  • Rating: 3.8
Смотреть онлайн To L*ve-ru Diary PEACH

Momo, the third Princess in the family of Develock. To lose virginity she decides to seduce rito. ...

Year: 2014
Source: Manga
Genre: Straight, Blowjob, Handjob, Footjob, Tentacles
Duration: 65 min.
language: RAW

Release date: 27/07/2014
Original name: と○ぶるだいあり~・ぴーち
English name: To L*ve-ru Diary PEACH
Director: marmalade star
Studio: marmalade star

15-03-2016, 17:39
  • Votes: 30
  • Rating: 3
Смотреть онлайн Rasen Sokou no Dystopia

A childhood friend, a girl with large Breasts, uncle pervert, dark summoning and much more wrapped in the story of salvation the next world.   "The main character lived happily with his friends in the end of summer vacation, meets a girl searching for an ancient book. As I understand it, the book needed to prevent the destruction of the world. Where's the hentai learn by watching Rasen Sokou no Dystopia. The hentai is based on the story of ...

Year: 2015 г.
Source: Original
Genre: School, Magical Girl, Teacher, Tentacles, Virgin, Big tits, DFC, Anal, Blowjob, Titsjob, Pee, Rape, Group sex, Harem
Duration: 2ep. 25 min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: 2015/06/26
Original name: 螺旋遡行のディストピア 「天然果肉・あずさ ~儚く馴染む汚れの肉棒」 初回限定版
English name: Rasen Sokou no Dystopia
Director: Nishikawa Takashi
Studio: PoRO

12-03-2016, 18:30
  • Votes: 16
  • Rating: 3.1
Смотреть онлайн In'youchuu The Animation

Based on the erotic game by Tinker Bell. Three students have been in a faculty late at night fighting supernatural enemies. As they are planning to leave, they get attacked and trapped. Based over Inyouchuu game.   ...

Year: 2006
Source: Adapting hentaynyh game companies TinkerBell.
Genre: anal, demons, large breasts, monsters, mystic, nudity, oral, rape, straight, students, tentacles, tragedy, virgins
Duration: 2ep. 30min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: 31.10.2006 \ 26.12.2008
Original name: 淫妖蟲 THE ANIMATION
English name: In'youchuu The Animation
Director: Amour / Suzuki Mirano
Studio: Amour / Suzuki Mirano

10-03-2016, 14:40
Gamep two TinkleBell games Studio. Corporate identity Studio, smooth and unusual animation, acceptable soundtrack that's the key to success in this series. Ah Yes, of course pink theme Yuri and futanari to boot... ...

Year: 2005, 2008
Source: Original
Genre: Yuri, Futanari, Tentacles
Duration: 20+30 min.
language: RAW

Release date: 2005, 2008
Original name: つん★デれ!~ぷにゅぷりEX~ / 月明りのラズベリィ~つん★デれII~ぷにゅぷりEXE
English name: Tsukiakari no Raspberry Tsun Dere 1 + 2
Director: Tinklebell
Studio: Tinklebell

9-03-2016, 12:52
  • Votes: 75
  • Rating: 4.2
Смотреть онлайн Scourge of the Evil

The second hentai from Studio EBIMARU-DO. Quality animation as always on top. The main character with his companion got on a hidden object to steal some intelligence. However quickly they were captured by aliens with tentacles. Well the heroine will have to go through a lot of torture and humiliation... ...

Year: 2013
Source: Original
Genre: Rape, Anal, Blowjob, DP, Tentacles, Pissing, Titsfuck, Big tits
Duration: 50 min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: 2013
Original name: SCOURGE OF THE EVIL
Director: EBIMARU-DO

3-03-2016, 21:49
  • Votes: 43
  • Rating: 3.4
Смотреть онлайн Shion

hentay-adaptation of game of Lilith Mist studio. History of battle of girls warriors with aggressors mutants. In the center of attention, both monsters, and girls our main character and his magic book which is zhazhdit by warriors... ...

Year: 2008
Source: Vn Game
Genre: Anal, Busty, Dating Sim - Visual Novel, Demons, Erotic Game, Fantasy, Horror, Nudity, Sex, Tentacles
Duration: 4ep. 25min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: Mar 22, 2008
Original name: シオン
English name: Shion
Director: Awai Shigeki
Studio: Lilith, Pixy

8-02-2016, 05:54
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