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The extended bad ending to - little ballerina - HINA BITCH! 2. Things are all new! The standard is even higher with viscous fluids! Interspecies sex having a creature of limit-busting size! Countless tentacles and thick phallus destroy every hole! The female form is atrociously deformed! The banquet in the demon world, has reached its conclusion She is immortal within an eternally perverse hell... A suffering heroine-turned-male masturbator! ...

Year: 2015
Source: Original
Genre: Horror, Guro, Tentacles, Monster, Interspecies Sex, Pregnant Woman
Duration: 1ep. 25min.
language: RAW

Release date: Apr/20/2015
Original name: little ballerina - HINA BITCH! 2 EX (EXTENDED BAD ENDING)
English name: little ballerina - HINA BITCH! 2 EX (EXTENDED BAD ENDING)

4-08-2017, 20:48
  • Votes: 36
  • Rating: 3.5
Смотреть онлайн In`youchuu Etsu: Kairaku Henka Taimaroku

To the final stage of the training as demon exorcists, sisters Mikoto and Takeru check out the village of Ayagami in addition to Yamato. Lurking within Yamato can be a demon, sealed away by Hatsune, the girls' mother. However, to genuinely seal away this demon requires the ultimate spirit strength of the Haramiko. For Mikoto and Takeru, no sacrifice is way too great...and no dick is way too big. ...

Year: 2011
Source: Vn Game
Genre: Ahegao, Anal, Big tits, Oral, X-Ray, Mystic, Rape, Demons, Tentacles
Duration: 2ep. 30min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: 21.01.2011
Original name: 淫妖蟲 悦 ~怪楽変化退魔録~
English name: In`youchuu Etsu: Kairaku Henka Taimaroku / Inyochu Etsu: Kairaku Henka Taimaroku
Director: Nishijima Katsuhiko
Studio: Milky

12-07-2017, 18:51
  • Votes: 27
  • Rating: 2.9
Смотреть онлайн The Prison Dark Elf

The imprisoned bikini-clad elven royal is violated by tentacles. All scenes include cross-section approach toOrAway from option, finishing scenes complete with sloppy sperm expulsion. Humiliation cums again and again in "soak mode". When her spirit breaks cries can be a lustful rejoice of depravity... ...

Year: 2012
Source: Original
Genre: Animation, Tentacles, Bondage, X-Ray, Rape, Prison, Elf
Duration: 1ep. 5min.
language: RAW

Release date: Sep/08/2012
Original name: 監獄のダークエルフ
English name: The Prison Dark Elf
Director: CARYO
Studio: CARYO

10-07-2017, 17:43
Survive's original CGs are adapted in to a motion comic! Tentacles x Magical girl! Masturbation-loving Kana uses erotica to battle evil!? Kana likes to masturbate. A white cat (?) appears in her room to warn her that bad men are trying to find her she has the filthiest fantasies from the city, that provide her the magical power they really want... something like that. Kana doesn't have any idea just what it every means, but suddenly she's got ...

Year: 2016г.
Source: Original
Genre: Masturbation, Magical girl, Tentacles, Big Tits, Animal-girls, Small tits
Duration: 1ep. 20min.
language: RAW

Release date: Nov/10/2016
Original name: オナっ娘魔法少女プニプニ触手洗礼!(モーションコミック版)
English name: Onani Magical Girl Puni Puni Tentacle Baptism
Director: Survive
Studio: Survive

13-06-2017, 12:30
  • Votes: 50
  • Rating: 3.1
Смотреть онлайн Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea

Hentai will be filmed on the eponymous manga Suzuhane Suzu. The plot is rather surreal - it combines the classic Maho Shoujo and not Intrusive detective. In focus girls or rather girls-sorceress with big Tits who battle against monsters tentatively well, of course they are raped and. ...

Year: 2015г.
Source: Manga
Genre: Big tits, Anal sex, Oral sex, Tentacles
Duration: 4ep. 25min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: 2015
Original name: 魔獣浄化少女ウテア
English name: Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea
Director: Raika Ken
Studio: km-produce

11-06-2017, 19:59
  • Votes: 18
  • Rating: 3.2
Смотреть онлайн Advancer Tina

Oahu is the year 3113. Tina Owen is surely an Advancer. Advancers are fearless explorers who venture to uncharted regions of space searching for habitable planets. But Tina carries a problem. She has to serve a 2000-year jail sentence for destroying a planet on a single such mission. Government entities has a proposition for Tina: if she travels to Omega-13 and realizes why a lot of Advancer parties have never returned, they simply could most ...

Year: 1997
Source: Original
Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Tentacles, Guro
Duration: 1ep. 45min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: 1997
Original name: アドバンサー・ティナ
English name: Advancer Tina
Director: Fukumoto Kan
Studio: BEAM Entertainment, Dandelion, Green Bunny

2-06-2017, 19:27
  • Votes: 8
  • Rating: 3.3
Смотреть онлайн Tokyo Requiem

Based on the manga by Nakamura Nishiki. An underground society lies underneath the the surface of Tokyo. This society has kept silent for quite some time, the good news is, they may be on the move. They may be kidnapping several micos, Hinomico, Mizunomico, Kazenomico and Tsuchinomico, and employ their powers to awaken the long forgotten "God". To prevent them from awakening this god, a gaggle of government special agents is dispatched to ...

Year: 2005
Source: Vn Game
Genre: Fantasy, Futanari, Gangbang, Big Tits, Masturbation, Rape, Super Power, Tentacles, Yuri
Duration: 2ep. 25min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: Apr 25, 2005
Original name: 東京鎮魂歌[レクイエム]
English name: Tokyo Requiem
Director: Honda Kazuyuki, Kawano Hotaru
Studio: Studio Jam

23-05-2017, 13:00
Based on the game by Triangle Bitter. The depths of our planet hide a subterranean, magical world named Roa currently in the grip of the terrible war relating to the all-female knight corps of Queen Gloria and also the monstrous troops of the evil syndicate Zerou. The action starts when Metzer, a young and brilliant Zerou officer, gets official approvation from Zerou's high command to attempt a whole new plan suggested through the protagonist ...

Year: 2004
Genre: Mahou Shoujo, Tentacles, Demons
Duration: 2ep. 30min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: 2004
Original name: 魔法戦士スイートナイツ ~ヒロイン凌辱指令 ~
English name: Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights: Heroine Ryoujoku Shirei
Director: Awai Shigeki
Studio: Shindeban Film

21-05-2017, 12:30
  • Votes: 43
  • Rating: 3.2
Смотреть онлайн Alignment You! You! The Animation

Takahashi loves Oohara, and Oohara loves Takahashi, but neither of them knows of the others' feelings yet. Moreover, Takahashi died. Just how do their love grown into now? ...

Year: 2008
Source: Original
Genre: Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, School, Teachers, Students, Big tits, Futanari, Anal sex, Oral sex, Gangbang, masturbation, rape, yuri, Tentacles
Duration: 2ep. 30 min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: Feb 29, 2008
Original name: あらいめんとゆーゆー THE ANIMATION
English name: Alignment You! You! The Animation
Director: Raika Ken
Studio: PinkPineapple

3-05-2017, 19:14
  • Votes: 7
  • Rating: 2.9
Смотреть онлайн Rejuvenation \ Sacrilege

A carnal cult uses illicit drugs to transform men into sex-crazed monsters. Police partners and lesbian lovers Atsuko and Kei are investigating a shady drug deal whenever they stumble upon the shocking truth. Can our frisky friends interrupt their love-play of sufficient length to cuff the criminals? ...

Year: 2000
Genre: Action, Demons, Rape, Tentacles, Torture, Violence, Yuri
Duration: 2ep. 25min.
language: Subtitles

Release date: Jan 28, 2000
Original name: 回春
English name: Rejuvenation |Kaishun|Sacrilege
Director: Katsuma Kanazawa
Studio: Miami Soft, Studio Kuma

19-04-2017, 13:00
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