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  • Votes: 33
  • Rating: 3.3
Смотреть онлайн Queen's Blade: Gyokuza o Tsugu Mono

Before you fan service, the compilation of the second season of the anime "Queen's Blade" released in 2009 and was broadcast in the morning. More fights, more bare Boobs. The compilation contains all the interesting scenes from the anime and spellow. ...

Source: Queen’s Blade
Genre: Fanservice
Duration: 36 min.

10-03-2016, 17:52
  • Votes: 27
  • Rating: 3.2
Смотреть онлайн Queen's Blade: Rebellion

"Queen's Blade: Rebellion" is the third anime series in the universe of Queen's Blade. The Director season was Kageyama Shigenori, and the Studio as before ARMS.   In this fan service compilation contains all the erotic and naughty scenes from the anime. Anime is full of explicit scenes of fights and girls with attractive shapes... ...

Source: Queen’s Blade – Rebellion
Genre: Fanservice
Duration: 42 min.

10-03-2016, 15:16
  • Votes: 15
  • Rating: 3.4
Смотреть онлайн Vanquished Queens

The anime was released in 2013, filmed at the Studio Hoods and directed Itagaki Shin. Format anime OVA consisting of 2 episodes. This compilation contains the most vivid erotic moments of anime in General and because of the format, the video contains no TV censorship. The history of the "Vanquished Queens" tells of the battles of the different characters of the universe "Queen's Blade. ...

Source: Vanquished Queens
Genre: Fanservice
Duration: 60 min.

10-03-2016, 15:05
  • Votes: 13
  • Rating: 3.7
Смотреть онлайн Photo Kano

Before you compilation of anime series "Photographing women", which contains the most sexy and naughty moments uncensored. The series itself was released in 2013 and was filmed at the Studio Madhouse directed by Yokoyama Isamu, Akitoshi. The series can boast an abundance of fan service or the naked female bodies, but firmly took the place of the peasant in this genre. The same story is narrated on behalf of 16-year-old boy named Kazuya Maeda. He ...

Source: Photo Kano
Genre: Fanservice
Duration: 18:58

10-03-2016, 14:48
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