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Doukyo Suru Neneki

Doukyo Suru Neneki

Doukyo Suru Neneki / The Slime That Lives Next Door - Based on the manga of the same name by DATE in 2023. The protagonist of the hentai is a loser Yuji Fujiwara, who failed to get into university and now works in convenience stores. He constantly makes mistakes - he breaks a vase or makes a shortage. Therefore, on a full-time basis, he is not taken anywhere. However, the hero can not be constantly unlucky. Once he was walking home he was attacked by a strange intelligent slime. Yuji thought it was the last seconds of his life, but the slime showed no hostility. He brought it home and has been living side by side with it for three months now. Soon it turned out that the slime was a girl, and that she could take any form or even any shape. Every day he had sex with a different girl - first with the milk mum from the flat next door, then with the waitress he really liked, and then the slime turned into his work colleague Takamiya-san....

Year: 2023 Year.
Release date: 2023
Source: original
Genre: Big tits, Oral sex
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: Subbed
English name: Doukyo Suru Neneki
Original name: Doukyo Suru Neneki

Director: King Bee
Studio: King Bee

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